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List of Lead Trainers

S.no HSSC Certified Trainer Name Job Role
1 Kusum B Makwna Front line Health Worker
2 Jeril Cherian General Duty Assistant
3 Jeril Cherian Home Health Aide
4 Jeril Cherian Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
5 Jeril Cherian Diabetes Educator
6 Jeril Cherian Diabetes Educator
7 Elangbam Kalpana Devi Front line Health Worker
8 Elangbam Kalpana Devi General Duty Assistant
9 Elangbam Kalpana Devi Home Health Aide
10 Elangbam Kalpana Devi Diabetes Educator
11 Prabhat Kumar Front line Health Worker
12 Prabhat Kumar General Duty Assistant
13 Prabhat Kumar Home Health Aide
14 Prabhat Kumar Diabetes Educator
15 Dr Archana Front line Health Worker
16 Dr Archana General Duty Assistant
17 Dr Archana Home Health Aide
18 Dr Archana General Duty Assistant
19 Nandini.Shivsharan Home Health Aide
20 Nandini.Shivsharan Diabetes Educator
21 Amudha Sundari. S Front line Health Worker
22 Amudha Sundari. S General Duty Assistant
23 Amudha Sundari. S Home Health Aide
24 Amudha Sundari. S Diabetes Educator
25 Dr. Ranjeet Upadhyay Front line Health Worker
26 Dr. Ranjeet Upadhyay General Duty Assistant
27 Dr. Ranjeet Upadhyay Home Health Aide
28 Dr. Ranjeet Upadhyay Front line Health Worker
29 Sunil General Duty Assistant
30 Sunil Home Health Aide
31 Sunil Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
32 Sunil Diabetes Educator
33 Sunil Front line Health Worker
34 Dr Vijay Reddy General Duty Assistant
35 Dr Vijay Reddy Home Health Aide
36 Dr Vijay Reddy Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
37 Dr Vijay Reddy Diabetes Educator
38 Dr Vijay Reddy Front line Health Worker
39 Dr Ravindra Verma General Duty Assistant
40 Dr Ravindra Verma Home Health Aide
41 Dr Ravindra Verma Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
42 Dr Ravindra Verma Diabetes Educator
43 Dr Ravindra Verma Front line Health Worker
44 Dr. K.S. Chandra General Duty Assistant
45 Dr. K.S. Chandra Home Health Aide
46 Dr. K.S. Chandra Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
47 Dr. K.S. Chandra Diabetes Educator
48 Dr. K.S. Chandra Front line Health Worker
49 Dr. Uday Gautam General Duty Assistant
50 Dr. Uday Gautam Home Health Aide
51 Dr. Uday Gautam Emergency Medical Technician - Basic
52 Dr. Uday Gautam General Duty Assistant
53 Niharika Home Health Aide
54 Niharika General Duty Assistant
55 Aish Thomas General Duty Assistant
56 Agatha Soreng General Duty Assistant
57 Arun M Joseph General Duty Assistant
58 Vrushali Lohikar General Duty Assistant
59 Subin Babu General Duty Assistant
60 Poonam Saith General Duty Assistant
61 Maninder Singh General Duty Assistant
62 Yogesh General Duty Assistant
63 Jijo Augustine Phlebotomy Technician
64 Neha Singh Phlebotomy Technician
65 Noor Ayesha Phlebotomy Technician
66 Kamal Chand Phlebotomy Technician
67 Shailja Kathait Phlebotomy Technician
68 Rajkumar Tiwatne Phlebotomy Technician
69 Shipra Paliwal Phlebotomy Technician
70 Aruna Singh Phlebotomy Technician
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