About Associates

Associated is a relationship of shared purpose or values. HSSC associates are organizations or Individuals, with shared purpose in promoting skill development for augmenting the healthcare skills scenario of the country.

Benefits of Becoming an Associate

  • Participate in development of National Standards (QP-NOS) for healthcare sector in the country.
  • Get an Associate certificate from HSSC.
  • Avail discounts on participation fees at HSSC events.
  • Connect and collaborate with healthcare professionals.
  • Source skilled and certified workforce for your organization.
  • Participating in your local chapter
  • Share your requirement/ vacancies.
  • Access to Quality Curriculum prepared by HSSC aligned to National Standards.
  • Opportunity to participate in HSSC expert committees, state/regional committees (if any).
  • Get free copy of HSSC Newsletters (E Version).

To become an HSSC Associate, please fill the form given below and send the soft copies on HSSC Corporate office address. Kindly contact (info@healthcare-ssc.in ) for any queries.

Institutional Associate Application Form