Institutional Associates

Associated is a relationship of shared purpose or values. HSSC associates are organizations or Individuals, with shared purpose in promoting skill development for augmenting the healthcare skills scenario of the country.

Benefits to HSSC Institutional Associate

HSSC Institutional Associate would receive following benefits:

  • Get an Associate certificate from HSSC to be renewable every financial year
  • Avail discounts on participation fees at HSSC events.
  • Get free copy of HSSC Newsletters (E Version)
  • Tagging in HSSC social media handle and vice versa
  • Access to HSSC webinars
  • Logo and name under Industry partner at HSSC website
  • Opportunity to participate in HSSC mandates/activities

Activities could be undertaken by HSSC Institutional Associate

HSSC Institutional Associate could actively participate in various HSSC mandates as listed below:

  • Onboarding for training on National Qualifications.
  • Participate in HSSC expert committees, state/regional committees
  • Nominate Experts from your network for below given activities:
    1. National Qualification development
    2. Question bank development
    3. Content Development
    4. Industry Validations
    5. Train the Master Trainers/ Lead Assessors program who could conduct Train the Trainer Program (TOT)
    6. Assessment of trainees undergoing HSSC training programs
    7. Skill Competitions at District/ State/ India level
  • Conduct workshops, Webinars, Skill Demonstration, Sensitization activities in consultation/association with HSSC.
  • Propose training programs for skilling & upskilling for healthcare professionals
  • Participate in HSSC Job aggregation drive: under this drive, you could provide current and future skill requirements and HSSC would facilitate linkage with correct set of candidates as per your requirements or initiate trainings as per your requirements through HSSC training network.
  • Share your requirement/ vacancies as well as source skilled and certified workforce for your organization through HSSC placement portal, campus placement drives, Rozgar melas, career fairs.
  • Get experienced candidates certified through RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)
  • Undertake and/or Facilitate partnership / MOU’s of HSSC nationally, internationally, state/district level for:
    1. Recognition of HSSC certificate in the recruitment rules
    2. Facilitation of OJT/ internship/placements
    3. Development/Recognition of Center of Excellence (COE)
    4. Joint certification of HSSC with universities/Colleges/ Industry
    5. Partners/Associates/Accreditation Bodies, etc.
  • Become part of HSSC CSR fund pooling network wherein CSR Fund could be utilized through HSSC: to support multiple activities as per Industry/Healthcare Sector Requirement such as skilling, setting up of CoEs, adoption of PHCs, women empowerment, WASH, etc.
  • Contribute in Skill Repository: Provide skill-based videos for skill repository for maximizing knowledge outreach to beneficiaries like Skill India candidates, health professionals, faculty/trainers, etc
  • Invite HSSC officials as speaker/panelist/ guest/ partner in conferences, workshops, etc.
  • Invite HSSC officials for facility visits.

Eligibility for becoming HSSC Institutional Associate

Any corporate body or firm engaged in the healthcare & social sector could become HSSC Institutional Associate:

  • Healthcare Service Providers – Single specialty to multi-specialty Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Home care service providers, Elderly care service providers
  • Academia/Training Organization: Medical/Nursing/Pharmacy/Paramedical Colleges/Universities
  • Consulting Firms
  • Medical Equipment Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Financial/Funding Institutes
  • Research Institutions
  • Industry & Non-Industry Associations
  • Accreditation Bodies
  • Government/Non-governmental organizations/agencies
  • Med-tech organizations and IT firms
  • Healthcare outsourcing agencies
  • Healthcare Insurance companies/TPAs

Please note that final approval of HSSC institutional association is based on the discretion of HSSC.

Applicable Fees Structure

Enterprises Investment Annual Fees (certificate to be valid till 31st March of Current FY)
Small Enterprises More than ten lakh rupees but does not exceed two crore rupees 2950 INR(2500 INR + GST@ 18%)
Medium Enterprises More than two crore rupees but does not exceed five core rupees 5900 INR (5000 INR + GST@ 18%)
Large Enterprises More than 5 crores 8850 INR (7500 INR + GST@ 18%)

Required Documents For Institutional Associates

  • An e- version document copy of the organization’s profile.
  • An e- version document copy of the organizational structure (organizational hierarchy, board members)
  • An e- version document copy Annual report of the organization (desirable)
  • An e- version document recent copy of the Balance sheet/ financial statement of the organization
  • An e- version document copy Certification of registration
  • An e- version document copy of Samples of your organization’s most recent informational materials related to the work of the organization such as newsletters, reports, audios, video production, blogs, promotional publications/advertisements, events etc. (Desirable)
  • High resolution organization logo (soft copy)

To become an HSSC Associate, please fill the form given below and send the soft copies on HSSC Corporate office address. Kindly contact ( for any queries.

Application Form (Institutional Associate)

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