Accreditation Process


Accreditation of Assessing body is an endorsement of an assessing body’s (AB's) competence, credibility, independence and integrity in carrying out its assessment activities.

HSSC accredits assessing body to facilitate assessment process of trainees as per QP-NOS and guidelines laid down by HSSC on ground. Thus, HSSC accredited assessing body would be face of HSSC for conducting quality assessment of the candidates who are ready for working in workplace.


  • Impartial
  • Technically competent
  • To the required standard
  • Appropriately resourced
  • Can be sustained


  • Accredited assessing bodies will carry out assessment of the trainees for various job roles on behalf of HSSC.
  • HSSC accredited assessing bodies would be given opportunity to work with various national and international training institutes or universities, with whom HSSC gets in partnership for NOS compliant trainings from time to time.
  • HSSC accreditation would provide assessing bodies the national and international recognition.
  • HSSC accredited assessing bodies would be provided with opportunity to increase their capacity building by improving assessment standards based on National Occupational Standards.
  • HSSC accreditation will instill greater confidence in the market for engaging HSSC accredited assessing bodies in assessment process.


The HSSC Accreditation process is divided into three steps:


Apply for Accreditation : Assessing body needs to apply for accreditation in prescribed Application form (attached as Annexure 1) with desired documents. Guidelines for assessing bodies seeking accreditation with Healthcare Sector Skill Council (HSSC) are as follows:

  • Applying Job Role : Assessing body has to specify clearly the name of the job roles for which they are applying for each region/state/zone. Assessing body needs to select at least one job role from each Sub-Sector preferably. For this, they have to refer to the list of job roles available with HSSC enclosed as Annexure-2.
  • Assessors Empanelment : Assessing body has to empanel assessors for different job role as per the qualification standards laid down by HSSC enclosed as Annexure-3.
  • Fees Structure : Assessing body has to remit the fees as per fees structure laid down by HSSC enclosed as Annexure-4.
  • Presentation on Quality Assurance & Operating Strategy of Assessing Body : Assessing body need to document the quality assurance & operating strategy laid down by them. The process should cover the points for empanelment of assessors; development of assessment tools; handling of assessment process at all assessment phases (pre, during and post assessment) as mentioned in Annexure-5. More points could be added if required.
  • Sign and Stamp of Assessing Bodies : Each assessing body has to submit the application form along with all of the listed enclosures, & presentation on Quality Assurance duly signed and stamped by the Assessing body at each and every page.
  • Documents to be Submitted for Accreditation : The hard copy of following documents properly bind together either in a file or spiral form as well as scanned copy of same collated in a CD:
    1. a) Application form (as per Annexure 1)
    2. b) All enclosures (listed at end of application form)
    3. c) Fees (Application fees & Accreditation fees as per Annexure 4)
    4. d) Presentation on Quality Assurance & Operating Strategy of Assessing Body (refer to Annexure-5)
    5. e) Covering letter
  • Mailing Address : The file and CD of documents enlisted above should reach at following

    address :-

    Healthcare Sector Skill Council
    520-521, 5th Floor DLF Tower ‘A’
    Jasola District Centre
    New Delhi - 110025

  • Contact Details of HSSC : For any queries, please feel free to contact undersigned:-

    Ph :- 011-40505850
    Email :

Document Compliance Check : HSSC conduct document compliance check for ensuring the compliance and adherence by assessing body to pre-eligibility criteria laid down by HSSC (attached as Annexure-6.)

Presentation to the Approval Committee for Assessing Body : On satisfactory compliance to HSSC requirement; the case will be presented to Approval Committee for recommendation. Assessing Body may be invited to present their quality assurance and operating strategy to the Approval Committee for Assessing Body as and when required (covering the points mentioned in Annexure-5).

Recommendation of the Approval Committee for Assessing Body : Chair/Chairperson of Approval Committee for Assessing Body will review the opinion of all the members of the committee and shall recommend HSSC for approval or gaps or denial of accreditation to Assessing Body.

Terms & Conditions : Assessing body has to agree with all terms and conditions laid down by HSSC (as mentioned in Annexure 6 & Annexure 7) and sign a standard MoU provided by HSSC on Rs. 100 Stamp Paper.

Grant of Accreditation (Final/Provisional/Denial) : Post due diligence process, agreement to the terms & conditions and recommendation of Approval Committee for Assessing Body, HSSC may take following steps:

  • Grant of HSSC Final Accreditation : Selected AB would be granted final accreditation for the period of 3 years. However, Renewal of the AB will be done annually depending on the performance of one year and adherence to the minimum eligibility criteria of post-accreditation process. MoU for the same would be signed. 3 months before accreditation expiry date (completion of 3rd year from date of signing of MoU), AB shall apply to HSSC for Re-accreditation.
  • Grant of HSSC Provisional Accreditation : Selected AB would be granted provisional accreditation for the period of 6 months on a case to case basis. Final accreditation may be granted depending on the performance and adherence to the minimum eligibility criteria of post-accreditation process. MoU for the same would be signed.
  • Corrective Measures : Selected AB would be subjected for corrective action required to fulfill the gaps or pilot assessment/s (cost of the same would be responsibility of AB). If gaps are satisfactorily fulfilled, the decision on grant of final/provisional accreditation would be taken.
  • Denial of HSSC Accreditation : HSSC would communicate to AB regarding denial of Accreditation and procedure to re-apply. 50% of Accreditation fees would be refunded for such cases.

Post-accreditation, the Accredited Assessing Body needs to fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria or requisites for implementation lay down by HSSC (attached as Annexure-7). Failing this, the agreement of accreditation may be withdrawn.


Assessing Body needs to apply for Re-accreditation, 3 months before the expiry date of Final Accreditation. Re-accreditation process will be same as accreditation process, if the AB is complying with the HSSC requirement they shall be granted re-accreditation for next 3 years. MoU for the same will signed and performance of re-accredited AB will be monitored annually. The process and terms/conditions of Re-Accreditation would be same as enlisted in point 1 & 2.